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I'm wondering if people out there would be willing to share their recent experience in connecting their Shopify stores to Amazon? The reviews on the Amazon App plugin are quite mixed and seem dated. So interested to know if anyone has recently tried it and how did it go? Good, Bad, Ugly? and what kind of success rate you've had?

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Amazon is the right strategy to sell more. Hope it works out for you.

Meanwhile, beware of third party resellers. Our clients struggle with this a lot.

My $0.02 -- Set up your campaigns in a way where the customer’s search discovery process, i.e., when they are first introduced to your brand, is always under a certain price. Set custom labels that tier products by prices, exclude as many skus as you need to, and you’ll be sure to keep those third party retailers from stealing your customers by offering cheaper rates.

Hope that helps! We wrote about this the other day if you need more:

Good luck!

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