Shopify App for Print On Demand Wine Glasses / Tumblers?

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Hi, I am looking for a Shopify App for print on demand stemless wine glasses and tumblers. I have seen the reply from 2 years ago basically saying no. I'm wondering if there is any update for 2020? Appreciate all feedback.

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I'm sorry but I don't really get what you're asking.

Are you looking for a print on demand service that does wine glasses and tumblers and also has a Shopify app to integrate with your store?

Or do you yourself customize these wine glasses and tumblers?


If it's the first, I'm not aware of any, but I would personally search the other way around. Find a service that does print on demand for these products and then check if they integrate with Shopify. Or find a Shopify Partner or Shopify Expert that can build you the connection if possible.


If it's the latter, could you elaborate on what your expectations are of such an app and what you want to do with it?