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Good evening!

Please we need assistance because we don’t understand what’s going on. After we create our store, Shopify has usual created a commerce account but unfortunately we don’t know what happened the commerce account did not get approved by Facebook. They say we go against their rules while we only sell clothes and take our own pictures. In addition,  the whole catalog has been approved🤷‍  And we got approved for Instagram shopping but our Facebook until now cannot be published with the motif of trust of whatever they mentioned. Confusing we want to know if it’s possible  create another commerce account to be able to be approved and customize our Instagram shop. 

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yes this is a common issue that happened when you try to link your shopify with facebook, especially if your facebook is still new and you haven't been active there, anyways, I am happy to help you with this issue, I will need to just take a look so I can check some settings inside your facebook business manager and we can do that using Zoom so no passwords is required. just contact me here to schedule a meeting.

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