Shopify DHL Paket automaticly print label

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Hi there,

I read some article but haven't found a solution for me

I added DHL APP, but the label are not created - it says: 


DHL Shipping from other countries (eCommerce)

Not available in your country

Integration for sending packages with the DHL eCommerce service from countries where this service is available.

ON DHL it says intraship connection not supported ??

Now how can I have the labels printed automatically out of shopify. At the moment I do it still via DHL manually.

Thanks for any help Sabine.

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You would have definitely found a solution to this by now.


I don't think you can directly print DHL Paket shipping labels from Shopify. For that, you will have to use an app like the Multi Carrier Shipping Label, that helps you integrate DHLPaket with Shopify to print labels and handle tracking.


I hope this helps others with similar queries.


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