Shopify DNS + Zoho Mail Configuration

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Hi all,


Does anyone know how to properly configure SPF and DKIM between Shopify and Zoho?


For SPF, I tried adding this TXT record to the DNS setting:

@ | v=spf1 mx ~all


For DKIM, I added another TXT record:

<zoho_selector>._domainkey.<domain_name_here> | v=DKIM1 k=rsa p=<public_key_here>

*Note for clarification: items in "<" and ">" like <sample_text> are placeholders for this post and not the ones that are actually in the DNS record.


I followed the wait time but am still not able to verify it in Zoho.





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I also started using Zoho Email with Shopify. I finally got it working correctly. Here's what my DNS TXT record looks like (I'm in the U.S.):


@          TXT          10m       v=spf1 ~all


I needed to add MailChimp TXT as well, so it ended up looking like this:


@          TXT          10m     v=spf1 ~all


A few important notes:

--Shopify states that you shouldn't use DKIM with Shopify. It should be deleted in your Zoho Control Panel as well as DNS:


--You can't have multiple TXT records in your DNS. You must combine everything together in one line:


--To test your settings, send an email to You can also check out these websites:




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Hi ronzorini,


Thanks for that. I updated my SPF record to:

v=spf1 ~all


I then tested the email using, which tells me that everything, including SPF, passed though I am still unable to verify it in the Zoho control panel. Were you able to verify your SPF settings in Zoho?

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Yes, it took overnight, but in the Zoho Control Panel > Mail Administration > Email Authentication > SPF > SPF Status For Domains, the message finally changed to "SPF Verification completed successfully for your domain(s)"


Just to repeat, in the Zoho Control Panel > Mail Administration > Email Authentication > DKIM, the circle indicator should be grey ("DKIM Disabled for Domain").


To test your email:


--Go to your Shopify account > Customers > Add customer. Add one of your non-account emails (or a family member's email) to the customer list, click on the account name, click on the email address, and send off a "Contact customer" email. Be sure to click on the "Send bbc to: (your account email) as well.


--Also, go to your Shopify account > Online Store > Notifications > Recipients, scroll to the bottom and "Send test notification"