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Hii Guys,

Example costs for monthly Shopify email use
An example of the monthly cost breakdown for Shopify email is: 0-2,500 emails is free, 2,501-3501 costs $1, 3,502-4,502 costs $2, and so on. There's no additional subscription plan and Shopify Email only charges for what you send.

Can i know more about this?

What i understand is every 1000 emails sent charge $1...mean if i sent 10500 emails charge total $8 .


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Hey @Ron96,

This is Finley here, from the Social Care team at Shopify.

That is a great question. Thanks for reaching out about this!

Shopify email cost

Anyone who is on a paid Shopify plan can use Shopify Email for free when sending up to 2,500 emails per month.

Any emails beyond the free 2,500 will cost $0.001 USD per additional email.

So for sending 10,500 emails in total, including your free 2,500, you are correct that the charge would be $8.

The math would look like:

10,000 emails delivered - 2,500 free emails = 8000 additional emails

8000 additional emails x $0.001 = $8 to be billed to you

Other points about using Shopify email:

  • The emails are counted based on every individual email address an email activity is sent to
  • Any unused emails will not transfer over to the next month. Your balance of free emails will reset at the beginning of each month
  • You can send a maximum of five email campaigns per week. This number resets every seven days at midnight UTC
  • You can send emails to 40,000 subscribers at a time. If you have more than 40,000 subscribers, then you'll want to create customer groups to sent campaigns to specific subscribers or break your customer list into smaller groups.
  • Billing for the additional emails will occur after the cost reaches $0.05 USD (50 emails).
  • Shopify only charges for delivered emails

Shopify Resources

Have you looked into any other resources about email marketing?

You can read up on the best practices when using Shopify Email in our guide here.

We also have a free video course on Shopify Compass called Email marketing 101.

This course is a great way to learn how to get started with email marketing, and how to grow an engaged email list.

Should you have any questions, please let me know!


Finley | Social Care @ Shopify 
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