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Good day to all of you,

I hope you all are okay during this COVID-19 pandamic crisis.

Let me cut to the chase, I and our team are planning to develop a marketplace app for all the Shopify shops that will enable the shop owners to obtain analysis regarding their customers and sales. To be more precise Customer Churn (Meaning non-returning customers, or the loss of clients or customers) and Cross-Sell of the products. We already have a working version of the software, please feel free to visit us; Enhencer - ; and we are planning to make the smaller more accessible plug and play version of the software for the Shopify marketplace. However, we have faced a minor setback of obtaining data from Shopify, as we do not have any real stores here to pull data using an API. Therefore we seek the help of you. In return for the data provided by the shop owners, we are willing to provide free Churn, Cross-Sell predictions and analysis for free. All we need is Transaction, Products and Customer data that Shopify lets the users to export.

Thank you for reading the post considering the offer,

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