Shopify Image Quality Optimization (round 2, with stats, 38% Improvement)

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My previous post, where you can read about the problems with Shopify Image Compression:

About 15 days ago, I implemented one of my stores with proper image compression, using the CDN.

Here's my stats from the past 2 weeks, compared to the previous two weeks.

Avg. Page Load Time (seconds)

Improvement: 6.84 to 5.90 seconds. ~14%


Conversion Rate Improvement

Checkout Conversion Rate: 1.85% to 2.56%. 38% Improvement.




You'll notice all numbers except for traffic are up since the change. I assume some of this is because of moving in to XMas shopping. 

With that said imediately after the change on the 5th of November, my single worst day conversion is 2.22%.

In the previous two weeks before this change my best conversion rate on a single day was 2.21%.

This means, every single day after implementation, I've done better than any day on the past two weeks. That would suggest that this is infact helping conversions.

Additionally if I break it out via each inbound traffic channel, every single one is better invididually. So again, further confirmation.

21% Drop in traffic, but 12% increase in revenue, is fairly huge.

I'm going to leave this running obviously until after Xmas, but I assume long term this was a big win for my store.


If you'd like to see Shopify look into this issue again, please contact them here:

Subject Line: "Shopify Image Quality Optimization"

Body: Link them to this thread.


ALSO: Upvote this thread.

Your ball Shopify.

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Great post, thanks for taking the time to write up your findings.

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Hi Jordan,

This is intriguing. I'd love to try this on my shop. 

I'm not a huge tech dude. How do I go about updating all my images? Do I need to do it manually?


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can I ask; Why not optimize the images prior to uploading? like, using or plain old photoshop?

Any benefit by using CDN?


Esther Ang, some of us have suppliers upload our product images directly onto our eshops, so we don't have direct access to the procedure. If we wanted to optimize images, it would mean downloading them, optimizing and uploading again. It's feasible if one has about 100 products but totally chaotic if you have 2.000 or more products.

Why would we have to even bother when, for Shopify, it would be fairly easy to include automatic image optimization ?

Jordan L,first of all, thank you very much for bringing this up once again and for the thorough work you presented on your statistics.

To tell you the truth, I don't really understand why Shopify hasn't done this already. They seem to pretend they are not listening ... Could it be that they are receiving commissions from all the image optimization apps out there ? It seems too far-fetched because, after all, how much money could that be bringing in for them compared to the increased revenues that they would receive if our sales (i.e. their commissions) increased due to image optimization on their part ?

Anyway, I will write to them (as you suggested) mentioning the following numbers (see

Impact on conversions

Main point: faster sites get higher conversions.

Check out these studies:

  • Conversion rate increases 74% when page load time decreases from 8 to 2 seconds (real user monitoring data from 33 major retailers)
  • Aberdeen Group study showed that a one second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.
  • One guy got an 8.47% conversion rate improvement by moving his landing page onto a faster host.
  • Shopzilla sped up their site by 5 seconds and increased the conversion rate 7-12%.
  • Shaving 2.2 seconds off Mozilla’s landing pages increased download conversions by 15.4%, which they estimate will result in 60 million more Firefox downloads per year.
  • Amazon reported already in 2006 that they got 1% revenue increase for every 100ms of improvement.

What will a 1-second delay cost you? Find the answer on the image below:


This is just one of the numerous articles out there discussing (with specific numbers) the impact of image optimization on sales. So, again, I do not understand why Shopify does not want to look into this ...

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I've presented the problems with Shopify Image Optimizations & Thumbs here:

Even if you pre-optimize your images, then upload them to Shopify. Shopify will de-optimize them and create larger file sizes. This happens with thumbs & "originals", so there's no work around with Shopify currently.

I actually created a script to download all my images, optimize them and re-upload them. This had no effect on the file size of my images after they're hosted on the Shopify CDN, as they perform their own "optimizations".

Take this senario, you upload a 60% quality + progressive JPEG to Shopify. Shopify will "optimize" it up to 90% quality + non-progressive, providing no improvements.

You can't improve the quality of a jpeg, only degrade it, when it's lost it's lost, so increasing the quality from original of 60% to 90% does nothing, but increase the file size.

So if you're looking for optimized images with Shopify, there's currently no solution other than to have your images hosted via another CDN (which I have done with imgix).

I would recommend others do the same. I'm currently waiting for the post Xmas season to see if this will have long term effects on my business, but so far after this change my sales have increased dramatically.

If you have a website with significant traffic and sales and think you can benefit from this change as well, feel free to contact me and if I have time, could assist you in the implementation.

Until then, keep on Shopify's back about this guys. Upvote this thread & Email them.


PS. The savings on my homepage (image heavy) is 4MB after implemenation.


Jordan L, many thanks for the pointers. I emailed about an hour ago with the issue and I will wait to see what their response in on this. I certainly hope it's not more of the same "we're not interested in this" type of response ...

When I get their response, I'll post it here fyi.

I''l check imgix, as well, as per your advice.

Thanks again for bringing this issue up and for all the data you provided.



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Sorry, just a clarification. I meant "I emailed Shopify about this"

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Keep me posted, I'm very curious about this. 


Will do !