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Hi All,


This is a bit of a specific issue I'm facing.  I have a business registered and operating in India.  We manufacture there and do all warehousing and fulfilment (domestic and international from India).  While my business is based in India, I'm physically based in Singapore.  Over the last year, we have had quite a few issues just managing everything, including foreign shipments and offering alternative pricing for various markets (Shopify India seems to offer a bit less in this area than Shopify in some other markets).  I have a new line coming out and was going to see if I could open a subsidiary in Singapore, set up shopify from Singapore, but still do the warehousing and fulfilment from India.  What I'm confused about is what happens if I do a "domestic" sale...within I still able to set up the proper GST that needs to happen?  Any help or insight that any one has would be greatly appreciated!