Shopify Keeps Placing a Hold On My Funds

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I just started a small business about 2 weeks ago and just started getting orders this week. Each order that came through Shopify listed them as High Fraud alert. Literally none of them are without fraud alerts. Each order that came through I verified their information and even went as far as practically harassing them about their shipping address more than two times. I chatted with a Shopify rep yesterday in regards to shipping labels being sent to customers when I need to repair their devices and she brought up the alerts as well. I explained to her what I said above and she stated "Yeah, you've taken a great step to make sure your orders are not fraudulent. :)". What I am confused by is how it seems like every time I get orders Shopify wants to mark them as fraud and place holds on my account. This morning I woke up to another order literally all the alerts are green except for the billing street address, zip code, and shipping address being 327 miles from IP address. How does Shopify know when orders are for gifts or if shopper moved and haven't changed their billing information? Another thing I'm confused about is how I was just talking to a rep yesterday and received a email today stating that they want proof of reseller rights. Why didn't they inform me of this yesterday. It seems like this platform is a scheme to hold merchants money. I changed my payment processor to a 3rd party but my payouts are still saying that they're being held for Shopify Review and placed me on a 90 day reserve until September 25, 2020. Like come on people I just started this business and already want to shut it down dealing with Shopify. They were so eager to email me at 5:30 AM and now want even respond to my emails. I didn't even process the order that I received this morning so how can they place me on a hold?