Shopify Liquid Code - Sections not functioning correctly (Flow Theme)

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I am adding new pages to my Website and cannot figure out how to add the code correctly so it does not change the sections across all of the pages. For example - I am trying to add a gallery to the top of my "about us" page but when I add in new sections of code, it applies the changes to all the pages that use this gallery function. I do not want the photo on the landing page to change to the same picture as the about us page. 

Please let me know if I am coding the template wrong. Right now I am adding {% section 'image--gallery' %} to a new template. This is using the FLOW theme. 

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Unfortunately, this is a current Shopify limitation. A big and nasty one.

Sections will "share" the same content across all pages.

One workaround would be to create multiple copies of that section and add them manually to each page. But this is not maintainable and a pain to set up.

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products