Shopify POS PRO Slow Checkout Process

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Lately, we are having very slow time checking out customer sales.  Sales used to be very quick and easy and about 1-2 months ago it slowed to a crawl.  I spoke with a POS PRO guru over the phone and they had me try using my phone data network to run a sample sales. 

The difference was night and day.  So, their conclusion was an internet/wifi network work problem on the merchant side.  Its very possible that's true, however this is happing on 2 iPads on 2 different networks.  Both networks we have are running at maximum ISP speeds and no other devices/apps are acting slow.  It appears only POS PRO app has slowed down, 

I have done the following:

- Made sure iPads and POS App is up-to-date.

- Reset POS PRO account

- Delete and reinstall POS PRO app

- Reboot network router (many times)

- Restored network router to default settings

- Disabled firewall settings in router.  


Has anyone experienced slow checkout on POS PRO?  Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?