Shopify Packages ~ Locations 4,5,8 ?

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In the new/current Shopify Packages :

1) USD 29/month – 4 locations ?, 2) USD 79/month – 5 locations ?  3) USD 299/month – 8 locations ?


Please clarify what is meant by ‘locations’ ? .. Countries or regional area ?

if it means countries, then 4, 5, 8 countries for selling in is too limited, then what happens if we, as the seller, want to sell to more countries or location regions ?  what options how to enable the system to sell to more countries ?


IF say starting from USD29/month and requires more locations, can sellers use same account to upgrade to USD 79 / USD 299 along the way ?


IF holding USD 299/month account but wish to add-on / increase expand to more regional locations / countries than the ‘8’ locations. then how, what can the shop/business owners do in order to increase the locations allowed for the Shopify account/package ?


Say reversely, if seller is now holding a USD 299/month account, can it be changed to down-grade this ‘same’ account/shop  to USD 29/month, with his/her existing/previous history account data intact ?



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Hi there @HelenaAndrei!


Don here from Shopify. :)


The locations referred to here would be the number of places you can fulfil inventory from for your Shopify store.


Think of them as being like an inventory location; your stockroom, warehouse, any pop-up shops or POS sales you would be doing, etc.


There is no restriction in place here as to how many countries you can sell to. 


As long as you are willing and able (and allowed) to ship your goods there and you are willing and able to take payments from that region you are free to sell to there.


For your query about our paid plans, you are free to move up or down in plan level to take advantage of the various rates, fees, and features as you please.


There would be no effect on your store's data or history and there is no restriction in moving up or down in plans from month to month (an exception would be if you choose to pay your Shopify plan annually) so you can scale your plan as your business grows.


Have you got a store currently or are you just testing the waters for a potential business idea?





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