Shopify Payments - Disabled with no warning

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I am a fairly new merchant on Shopify (6 months) and we have been using Shopify Payments to process credit cards. We are a small business; we sell specialized business software and our volume is not as large as most eCommerce businesses. We have not had one single complaint nor return during the time we have been a Shopify merchant. 


Late on Friday night (11PM EDT), I received an email from Shopify telling me that 'your business has been identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes.'  No mention of what that risk was. My ability to accept payments via Shopify Payment was immediately disabled. 


I saw this message first thing on Saturday morning. I chatted with 2 different help desk people that both did not see why this was a problem.  I'm not sure they were real people since there responses were almost the same. "This is not a problem, just set up a new payment gateway." They saw no problem in disruption of payments.


  Today, I received another email from Shopify saying: 
"Due to privacy and security reasons, we cannot divulge the findings of a Risk review. Once an account has been declined, the decision is final and we cannot release any of the information that lead to the decision."


  So, they are saying, they have found a risk associated with doing business with my business, yet they refuse to divulge to me (the business owner) that that risk is. In doing so, they are potentially putting my business at risk. And, they are imposing additional expense on transactions that I had not planned on.

  I did get a new payment gateway configured, though it took me all weekend. And, at additional cost to my business. But, I find this business practice appalling. 

  Is this the type of service I can expect in the future with Shopify? Are they going to impose additional fees without warning? What if they decide they are going to disable a new payment gateway that I have chosen to use?  What if they decide to shut down my entire store?