Shopify Payments Frozen

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Wondering if anyone could help me out? My business is sourcing designer clothing/shoes and buying used clothing/shoes which I then clean and resell. I always operated through Instagram but recently moved on to the Shopify platform in order to expand and look more professional. Things where going really well until this morning when I woke up to find Shopify have frozen the Shopify payments method on my account! Their reason for doing this was that I had to confirm I have permission from the brands to sell branded products. I actually purposely did not write the brand names on my website as I did not want to infringe any copyright so there is absolutely no brand names anywhere to be seen but obviously just the images of the products. I obviously don't have permission from the brands as I am just a small business owner. I have taken Shopify payments off as a payment provider as I am still able to use Paypal and Klarna so I am not massively bothered about losing Shopify payments as a payment option although it is an inconvenience. The main thing that is concerning me is that I was due two payouts today and tomorrow and the total amount of the payouts was over £2,000 so I don't have a clue what will now happen to that money. Surely they can't not pay me my hard earned money especially during these extremely tough times for small business's. I was massively relying on that money for cashflow to keep my business running. Please if someone can advise me on what will happen with my outstanding payouts and also an alternative payment provider where this will not happen let me know, it will be very much appreciated!