Shopify Payments Issue

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Hello i am writing in the community because I am having terrible problems with shopify payments and nobody is helping.


About two weeks ago I switched to Shopify Payments (was using Stripe before) because I was advised from Shopify. Since then, I received 3 orders. On Friday, i received a message from Tom (Risk operation team) saying that the 3 orders result as 'self-payments' and that i have violated the Terms and Conditions Policy of Shopify Payments. He did not give me any proof of that, neither did he tell me why he thinks that the payments were self-made. He only asked me to refund or cancel the orders. Also, fo the time being any order that I get to my site will be on hold.  I tried calling the Guru Team (because this is a very delicate matter and I don't think that it can be dealt with by email) but unfortunately they could not help. 


I emailed Tom back showing to him that the payments came from 3 different people, that live in 3 different locations and that used 3 different cards. I also told him that refunding the orders for no apparent reason would create problems with the customers which could get annoyed and decide not to purchase again from my store.


No answer for 2 days. On Sunday, i get an email from Gabe (who apparently deals with tom's emails on the weekend), who again did not give me any explanations but just restated that i need to refund the orders. 


I am absolutely shocked at the way that Shopify is dealing with such issues. Money is business and you have frozen my payments without even showing me a valid reason. 


Could someone please help me?  as i am a customer of Shopify and I pay a monthly bill i do expect more from you.