Shopify Payments On Hold with not even a high risk order and no charge-back...Be AWARE PEOPLE

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Hey guys,


I am a business owner and i can't believe the way Shopify is acting again us that are doing the right thing trying to succeed. Be aware of this Shopify Risk team that are taking incorrectly action with knowing the impact of your business and the people and family of those who work with you. I do understand that they must be caution when monitoring the stores as i know there are few people out there doing wrong stuff but there are a lot of people doing the right stuff too. 


I opened up a store fro dropshipping about a month ago and i started selling about just 2 weeks ago. While i am scaling on Thursdays, i stared getting a lot of orders but non of them are high risk because i refunded them the same day. Then it comes the weekend and you know you wont get paid until Monday so i kept scaling to a point i had around 400 orders during the weekend. Now, here is Monday and i received an email saying that my business is in risk and that i can't use Shopify process anymore. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I dont even have any high risk, no charge backs because it is a new store basically, i already fulfilled about 200 prior to that and they are holding about $45,000 for 90 days. There is not even one reason to do that, they didn't even send me an email before, asking for information or just letting me know if i was doing something wrong, NOTHING, they just hold the money and thats it. I called the Shopify customer service and they were just as frustrated as i was because i didn't received any prior email or information and the Risk team, they dont have phone numbers and don't answer my emails. I do understand they must protect themselves from bad people doing the wrong stuff but doing this without even contact me or letting me know if there was something wrong, that whats sacred me the most. 


Now i have no where to go and will have to deal with that hold and can't even sell no more if i dont get a third party processor that will take time. Again, i know they should be monitoring but to just do things without even warning you or giving you the opportunity to present information or making corrections to me thats not good for a company and by doing the right stuff you are still getting hit by them...smh! I honestly recommend you guys be aware by using this platform.