Shopify Payments for European Stores

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Hi Guys,

We started our first shopify store for our business in 2011, we have since switched themes and plans at least once but have always had our online store with Shopify.

My question is: Back in 2012 I asked when we would be able to intergrate shopify payments into our EURO store, I never received a clear response to my question.

Its now 2019 (nearly) I am kind of getting fed up with being smashed for 0.5% on every single one of our sales because we dont use shopify payments. 

Its still not available to us here! Come on guys, you've had your pound of flesh over the last 7 years either let us install shopify payments so we dont get charged the 0.5% or waive the 0.5% for us who dont have the option to install your payment gateway?

I'll wait patiently for my answer.. I hope it wont be another 7 years. :-)



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Hi Charles

So my guess is you are not in UK, Germany, Ireland or Spain where Shopify Payments are available. Neither am I and it's the single most annoying issue with Shopify followed closely by Shopify not supporting Braintree Payments as a payment gateway provider. I'd even go with Stripe but Stripe don't support my country either so I am stuck with... well I shall not continue because I want to remain civil ;-)

Have you considered rolling your own solution based on Shopify?

I am currently developing much of the same because:

  1. Checkout process cannot be customized unless you're a big shot and can afford Plus+
  2. Custom carrier services with real-time quotes are only available for a monthly surcharge which would ramp up costs yet again (Shopify plan + carrier service feature surcharge + actual multi-carrier quotation service provider)
  3. Limited choice of integrated payment gateways for the country of business registration + Shopify takes a cut on top of the cut the gateway takes

According to another thread discussion where I had similar complaints, you can work around all of the above points by creating and maintaining a public app that integrates with the Sales Channel API. I believe some app provider already did that e.g. Bold's Cashier. Since, I have elaborated other solutions to my dilemma.

  1. As a regular store owner you can have private apps, install and use public listed apps or install and use unlisted apps (public but not published on Shopify App Store). Either of those should be sufficient to access the APIs required
  2. I have yet to find a clause that forbids merchants to entirely bypass Shopify checkout while still integrating with Shopify's platform (the product catalog, inventory, themes, and all that is really quite nice about Shopify)

By creating a custom payment method, we can track transactions on orders via the actual payment gateway provider's API and feed the various states (declined, authorized, settled, voided, etc.) back in to Shopify. Whatever we cannot add to the Transaction object, we keep in metafields or source from the payment gateway providers' API so we do not need to switch back &forth between admins.

This would also open up the checkout process because the merchant would be in FULL control of all the steps leading up to the actual payment data capture - more on that in a bit. Customer info, shipping options and all that would be up to the merchant. For myself, that would be a great big deal so I can have a map of in-store pickup locations where customers can simply pick a pin where they wish to have their order delivered. Or far better and user friendly forms and validation. Last second discounts, cross-sell or up-sell? Sure! Even clearer customer guidance for GDPR regulatory compliance? Yes, absolutely.

Then comes the actual payment information capture. Now unless a business wants to deal with PCI compliance, that is quite a big deal. Even the 2 least strict self asessment audits such as SAQ A and A-EP are a pain. So for those who do not want to deal with this you can leave it to forward thinking payment gateway providers such as Stripe or Braintree who offer PCI compliant payment forms that can be styled and customized to any designers' wildest dreams.

And that's that. Just a thought, an idea and something I am working on.

I'd still be curious whether anyboy from @Shopify can provide further insights in to Shopify Payments availability for a wider EU or even European merchant audience. That and whether my ramblings above would be in breach of any Shopify T&A's?

Best wishes!

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Hey there, Charles.

Bo here from Shopify Support!

I totally see where you are coming from here Charles. I can see why you would want to use Shopify Payments to reduce the cost. At the moment, we are currently expanding into Europe. This, however, has to be done country by country and cannot simply be done for the entire EU in one swoop as a lot of underwriting needs to be done for each and every country we have launched in. We are making progress in Europe, we support the United Kingdon and Ireland and added both Germany and Spain in 2018.

I understand that this is of little consolation to you if you are not based in any of those countries at the moment and I will be sure to send on this feedback to our developers. We do value all insights which allow us to better the services that we offer to all of our merchants.

I will make sure to pass this info to our developers in the form of a feature request on your behalf.

Do also keep an eye out on our announcements page for all new feature releases too.

One thing that could be an option is Shopify Plus. Our Shopify Plus plan comes with lower transaction fees. If you would like to speak with our Plus representatives about pricing and features you can sign up for a consultation here.

All the Best,

Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Bo,

Thanks for that, shopify plus is $1000 month correct? I dont think we are quite there yet in terms of turnover when I did the math and we are financially better off paying $299 plus 0.5% at our current turnover level.

It's not a deal breaker for us, we will just wait patiently...