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Hello Shopify Community,

It's almost been a week since i started designing my website to start dropshipping. I've had lots of fun throughout this journey. But I'm afraid this journey must end with failure. I am living in Turkey so there are very limited payment methods. Virtual POS companies do not favor selling of replica goods. However they say they'll give you a Virtual POS even if you are an individual company. See the contrast here? I dont understand how they expect me to sell original products. For ex: I can't sell Philips' products without their knowledge. So turns out they say they do give virtual POS for individual companies but that turns out to be a lie. There isnt any other payment option left at the moment for Turkey. It's been a great run designing all my stuff but it seems like this is the end until new payment options emerge. For ex: payoneer works in Turkey but the question is are the customers willing to pay with it? Nah. Sadly the odds are unfair. It was great to be a part of this site. Love y'all.