Shopify Product Images are being Cropped\clipped on top & bottom when displayed in Facebook shop

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Hi there,    We activated a Facebook sales channel on our Shopify site and noticed our product images (when viewed in the Facebook shopping section) are being cropped\clipped.   Specifically the top and bottom of the product images are sawed off which makes the images look distorted.   Why is this happening and is there anything we can do about it?   Any solutions via the UI and or code welcome!


 Check out the attached screenshot for quick visual reference (the product image should have white space around all it's edges).     Note the top and bottom of the product images are being cut off making the items look like they are garmets for gumby.  


Our Shopify website:


Our Facebok Page with Shopify Channel displaying the issue we are reporting:


--This is our first post on the Shopify Community so hopefully we have provided enough details.  Happy to add any info you gurus need to help us resolve this issue.  Thanks so much!