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I am trying to create a Shopify report to show how many orders have shipped per day for a given date range. Currently there is no way to indicate what date to use so the report is wrong. My assumption is the dates are aggregated on the ORDER date, not the FULFILLMENT date. (even though I'm filtering based on FULFILLMENT STATUS)



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Hi Ed!

The reporting function built into Shopify regarding orders will typically be based on order date. If you are looking for a way to arrange this data dependant on fulfillment date, I would suggest exporting a CSV File of the orders.

  1. Start by visiting your Orders Tab
  2. We will want to add filters, such as one on fulfillment status. You can add addtional filters for dates, if needed.
  3. You will then go to Export at the top right hand corner, and choose the Current Search option.
  4. When you get the CSV file, open it in your spreadsheet editor. You should be able to sort by ascending order for Column F (Fulfilled At Cells).

You can use the spreadsheet editor to highlight the number of cells that hold the same date, and the number of cells reported there will tell you how many orders went out that day. You will also have acces to the rest of the raw data here, like order number and cost of order.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions about this :)


Happy selling! :)
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This actually does not work. Shopify needs to create a report to show this. I am running into the same issues and the solution they try to provide does not fix it

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Hi @Gavin1001 ,

If you haven't found the solution you can try Report Pundit .

Report Pundit has an option to generate a report based on any fulfillment date. 

You can filter, sort the data, and export the report instantly.

Some of the pre-created fulfillment reports you can find in Report Pundit are:
  • Unfulfilled Orders
  • Orders paid but not fulfilled
  • Orders Fulfilled in Last 30 days
  • Orders Pending Fulfilment
  • Shipping Report
We have 14 days free trial to test the app. Our support team can set up any type of custom report unique to your business.

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