Shopify Sale Tags w/ Multiple Pricing between Variants

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I sell products that are offered in different sizes/variants that have different pricing.  None of these products are on sale, but because the prices are different between variants Shopify thinks they are on sale and assigns sale tag. 

I'm unsure as why it's happening because the Retail Price and Compare At Price are both the same, so not sure what's triggering the sale tag.

Is there anyway to fix this from happening for these products?

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I'll attach a photo too.

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If the retail price and compare at price are the same, then why do you have the compare at price field even filled out? Can you just remove that from your products? Otherwise, you'd have to get into the code to investigate and fix. It may be something simple like the code is checking whether the compare at price field is filled out and is making an assumption based on that, rather than checking if the compare at price is greater than the retail price.