Shopify Security - unauthorised domains serving our Shopify Content

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In December our client noticed an unauthorized and unknown domain appearing in the 'Top Landing Pages by Sessions' statistics in Shopify Analytics.


When browsing to this unknown domain our clients Shopify home page appeared. It looks to be an exact duplicate of their real Shopify store.


We contacted Shopify and they suggested a DCMA take down application - Which we did and Shopify took action and removed the domain.


Now in January its happened again - on another unauthorized/unknown domain.


To us, this appears to be a severe security risk - How can an unauthorised person connect in a domain so closely with Shopify that it appears in our stats! There is no way this should happen.


Note: The domain DOES NOT appear in our DOMAINS admin.. Its certainly not linked to our store, but somehow appears in our stats and appears to be a duplicate site when visited.


Has anyone else had this happen, if so whats the cause and how to we ensure it doesn't happen again?