Shopify Stats vs Google Analytics

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I'm struggling to understand why Shopify will show 2-4 visitors a day, while GA shows over 100/day. I'm barely getting any conversions after 2 years on Shopify. I've hired/fired multiple gurus, who gladly took my $, but zero ROI. I've done a lot of the website myself, which may be why I'm not converting. Any advice? Thanks, Laura


Hi Laura,

Firstly, Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics are different systems so they will always contain different data.

However, the difference you see is huge and should not be that much. It primarily depends how your Google Analytics is setup as there's nothing you can do on the Shopify Analytics front. Chances are your GA is being filled with spam. My recommended starting point is to go through my analytics setup guide. There are several strategies in there that you can follow to reduce spam hits to GA.

The three primary ones are creating a new GA property so your analytics ID ends in -2. A lot of spam bots will just hit the -1 ID. Secondly, in the views settings, let Google filter out known spam hosts. You should always set up a new unique view with no filters as such so you can compare the peformance. And lastly, have a filter that permits hits from only the hostnames you want. Each are explained further in the guide.

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