Shopify Store Building Capabilities?

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Hey folks! New to this so forgive my ignorance. I have spent the last few weeks on and off building a store(alongside the other 10 million people recently). I should have looked into this prior to building it, but the idea kinda came through the progression of building the store.


So the question....does anyone know if shopify has the full capabilities to build a fully functional comparison website? I know there may be more suitable stores for this kind of website. However, I do want to run it as a multi functional store, offering ecommerce capabilities as well as a full product and services comparison website, alongside the ecommerce store. 


The functionality I am looking for with the comparison side, is to allow products(not only on my website, but generally over the web) as well as services, to be compared on my website. So yes, a full comparison website with full functionality. Ultimately I would like to allow users who want to advertise their products and services to be able to come onto the website and have the ability to upload a profile or product they would like to offer, then allowing people to buy or review that very same product or service. I am not sure if this could either be done by a standard template for them to complete and for me to interpret this and upload myself onto my website, or if there is functionality to allow customers to do this and for me to monitor or check this before allowing the profile/product to be uploaded?


As mentioned I am new to this, and my initial thoughts for this type of site would be a completely new website built with coding and even hiring a professional website building company to do this for me. However I thought I would enquire before spending potentially needless money. I know wordpress has the capability as there are countless video tutorials on this subject. But I would have to learn how to then navigate their website building platform after familiarising myself with shopify. And surely a huge entity such as shopify would allow for such a build capability?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks a million!





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