Shopify Suddenly Closed Stores For No Reason

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This just happened to me last week. No explanation, no heads up, not even an email telling me what happened. A customer sent us an email, that's how we found out.


7+ years of Shopify and close to $2m in online sales, and they won't even give an explanation to what happened and why. We got the same response as everyone else.


I get it. Private business, they can do what they want, but had I known this I would have backed up customer data... 

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Shopify are total SCUMBAGS.


I spent all day setting up a store for the first time (thought I would give them a try as I've been putting it off for years). The store is fully in accordance with all of their policies and selling the same items as many other Shopify stores I've been following, even spoke to a lovely person on the live chat who said it was looking great and they were impressed on how much I got done. But nope, account review and they decide I'm too high risk (dropshipping using their own apps) now everything I spent all day doing is gone, can't even take the data I put together.


Wasted money on a domain & email service and all day setting various services up.


Luckily I'm a moderator on one of the largest business forums in the UK and I will forever discourage people from using their service, if I can save just a few people from wasting their time and money I will.


Again, Shopify are SCUMBAGS.