Shopify Support has gone from OK to absolutely HORRIBLE

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I've been a Shopify customer for 3 months and the reason why I chose Shopify over other platforms was their widely advertised and touted "24/7" support. In just 3 months time Shopify has reduced their support from phone calls, to call backs only and now they no longer offer call backs. Their 24/7 support model is a play on words. 24/7 support is useless when they no longer offer ANY phone support and a chat session takes over an hour to initiate. Every single time I talk to someone they do not have solutions...they have to "Get back to me". A chat session is a terrible way to support a platform like Shopify anyway. 

Honestly guys, if I had any clue the support would get this bad there is no way I would have considered this platform.

Extremely disappointed customer here and will warn other entrepreneurs to stay far away from Shopify.

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I signed up during the pandemic and wish I had chosen another platform.  Shopify's customer support is absolutely horrible!!!!!!  I don't know how they have built themselves up when their support is nonexistent. 

Totally Agree!! We started the end of March on Shopify and have been shut down twice.  We have been down for almost a full week

and we were given NO WARNING they were gonna shut us down or why. We have some hand sanitizers on our site, and as soon 

as we saw a threatening email from Shopfiy (accusing us of price gouging), we removed them off our site immediately. The next morning,

our e-commerce site was shut down. So a bummer with huge losses. 

Each time I am able to get on a chat.. they say our email login and our URL 'do not exist' and then one gal found it under a name with 

a mix up of letters. Wth?  No followup though we were given a 'case' number.  How do we get our site back up again? Any info 

would be much appreciated!! Thanx everyone ! 

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I thought Amazon seller support was useless until I used Shopify support. The rep basically closed the chat without solving my query. He did nothing at, he wasted like 10 min asking useless questions like "when was the last time you logged in", who notes down when you log in to a website?


That is the trend with American companies, the moment they list their customer service is completely disregarded. They even lie to you all the time! 

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The always ask such stupid questions! 

I literally said to a rep 2 days “you guys like to ask silly questions. Please don’t ask me any silly questions.” A little rude but IDC!!!
I was so angry that they waste so much of my time! 

another rep took 43 minutes to answer FOUR questions! FOUR

and another time I had another rep and I asked a question about shipping and he replied “Really good question, are we referring to the shipping package?”

so I ask him is there another shipping option LMAO 

They’re either just being a..holes or they’re just fu/king dumb. 

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I concur. The support used to be second to none; now it feels like abuse. Today, I tried to get help via chat. The support person was polite enough but couldn't get me a straight answer, since I'm speculating that the problem stems from some new invasive Shopify edict. 

Then, try to find out how to get someone on the phone -- which used to be simple and the support was friendly and knowledgeable. They've hidden that option now and trying to find it send you off in an endless loop until you're dizzy. I finally found the option for requesting a callback after studying under Sherlock Holmes (there's no way I can find it again). The callback finally came after 40 minutes ... but I was on hold another 15 minutes until someone came on. I was in the process of politely explaining the issue when the phone went dead.

I'm unlikely, after 4 years, of renewing my subscription.

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I believe its not tech support anymore.

They just hire people that don't know their product, just to waist customers time.

In the past they knew the product and gave excellent advise.

Now, they don't even understand the problem.

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The call back option is now grayed. All I want to do is renew my domain. Omg this service is so bad they are too cockey! Tobias Lutke owner, now Billionaire is responsible for this find him. He went public in the US and only collecting checks. You cannot run this business via email. It is too technical.  Not to mention dumb billing!  Bills whenever, dates change monthly. He doesn't CARE! Big E-commerce this is your chance! Their product source is a lie. Most apps are stupid. They mislead you. I wasted 100s of hours with shopify. The chat didn't work because of some crazy encryption. U Suck Shopify! I went to Bbb Better Business.

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shopify has outsourced support no doubt the people behind the chat and email are drooling on their keyboard.

I just moved to using their instantsite product after testing the following so that I can stick solely with paypal and get charged 2.9% paypal and not 4.9% total transaction fees because shop pay account doesn't integrate with quickbooks self employed.  I had to write my own CSS to design their cart but it was worth it.

I had an issue with eeseewid support with paypal inline credit card images on checkout which is a paypal feature that just came out and needed them to revert me to the older paypal module until the bugs were fixed and they did it immediately and never sent me a canned response or sounded stupid.  They even followed up with me a few days later and apologized for the inconvenience.

our site  for a demo example


had to change the name to eeeseewid and link with short url as their forum blocks competitor names