Shopify Thinks I Don't Have Admin Rights To My Own Facebook Page

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We are having the same problem. 


We have done hours researching and trying different things today and all were unsuccessful.  We have cleared our histories, tried different browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox), even other computers so there are no cache issues, we deleted all the apps in both Shopify and Facebook, then re-added them.  
We have then tried to use another Facebook account full admin person to log in as well and this didn’t work either.  The same error keeps coming up. 
Shopify, what are you doing?
Any help would be appreciated.  I feel sick about this.
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I spent hours trying to fix this trying everything in the posts but nothing
worked. The only way I could get it resolved was by contacting the support
chat line through Shopify. I have no idea what they did but it works now.
When I jumped on it said I was number 132 in the queue but surprisingly I
only had to wait 5 minutes so it went well.

Give that a go ;)
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Same issue here and it seems by this thread that this issue is happening for everyone at the same time. 

I have my Facebook connected to my store and my Instagram is connected to my Facebook with no issues, but my Instagram will not connect to Facebook through Shopify even though my Facebook Business page and Instagram Business Page are showing connected. I have tried EVERYTHING and have been working on this around the clock for over a week, its beyond frustrating because there should be no reason for me to get a notification saying that I am not the admin when trying to connect through Shopify. Its the weirdest thing... See Below.. I even confirmed this from the Mobile side when logging in directly to Instagram. Please if anyone finds a solution, fill me in.. Insta-Shopify.jpg


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I finally figure this out "my own way."


I too could not set up my FB Sales Channel and thus (among other things), could not dynamically import my products into Ads Manager Catalogs


I followed all the Pre-Reqs as per Shopify:

(I also ensured the Shop Tab was added to the Template - I read somewhere that the Tab may matter)


None of the above allowed the channel to work but I cannot rule out if it eventually lead to the Channel working so please do the above as well


I finally noticed that since (in short) I started w/ FB Biz Manager and then from there created the Page, that although the "admins" I invited to Biz MGR are admins in Biz, they only became "Jobs Manager" on the FB Page.


I could not change this role from the Page Admin nor could I delete the People added and re-add them (there would be an error like "no admin would be left," etc.)


Thus, I had to create a brand new FB profile (and thus a Brand New Email to support that profile - e.g.,


I then from the FB Page, invited that new Profile via the new email and it "worked." I received the Email Invite.


Importantly, the Email link would throw the "expired" error every time I tried to accept.


I ultimately had to use this link to "force" the acceptance of the admin email:


Then it all worked.


I probably deleted the FB Sales channel on Shopify first and the re-added it to be sure to eliminate variables but nonetheless, all is now well





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@ Grateful Organic - 


There has to be a better way, that seems crazy to create a whole new Facebook page.


I was not having the issue on the Facebook page connect and was only having the issue from the Instagram. However, now I am getting the same issue I was getting for Instagram for Facebook, which makes zero sense when you see the crazy screenshot I keep dealing with. You can check out this current headache screenshot posted below.


Apparently I am not connected - but I need to disconnect?!! I am starting to think that this is not something that we are doing wrong, but this has to be an issue on Shopify's end, because this has never been an issue when I log into my business Instagram or business Facebook pages directly. This issue is only happening through Shopify website back end connect. 


I am going to reach back out to Shopify again and hopefully they can get this bug fixed for all of us, since it seems like this has been an on-going issue for the majority of business owners on the Shopify platform. 

Hopefully I will be able to respond back to this forum with a resolution that can help everyone else with this same issue, by the end of my call.

-Fingers Crossed-

See attached photo: 

Facebook Headache.jpg

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Did you get it fixed?  I had the same issue.

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I got it fixed.  Is your Facebook page connected to the FB business manager?


If so then you might be listed at custom and not an Admin on your FB page.


I went to:

FB business manager

People and clicked on my name
Clicked on the asset I have control over

Scrolled down and disabled manage jobs and view earnings

Clicked save

and refreshed my FB page.  I was admin again and able to connect the sales channel.