Shopify Transaction Fees are not Fair for High Value Item stores

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Shopify's .5-2% fee for outside transaction fees across the board are completely not fair to some stores, while they obviously benefit others. 

Most of our business is through PayPal, so we pay 3% + 1% for shopify which is already extremely high for  our average ~500-1k order value. Having a set % value makes no sense for low volume high value stores vs high volume low value stores. 

For example a t-shirt shop could be selling 1000 t-shirts for 10 bucks each, and being charged $100 for 1000 transactions (10 cents a transaction)

Our shop sells 100 $1000 items, and being charged $1000 transaction fees ($10 per transaction). This is ridiculous, since we have 10x less transactions shopify's system has to handle, but are paying 10x extra per transaction. 

This is completely unfair and this policy needs to change especially since the transaction fees are no longer refunded when we have to do a 100% refund. 

It should be a set fee per transaction (50 cents for basic plan that goes down with plan level?) plus a % fee that goes down with the transaction value (ie 1% for under 10USD, .1 % for 100+, .01 for 1000+ etc). 

Shopify is not on the hook for transaction fraud/chargebacks, PayPal is thats why they charge the 3% based on order value. What shopify is doing here is completely unfair, and puts high value stores like us completely disadvantaged.