Shopify URL Structure - Creating custom URLs

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Okay this seems important but still Shopify doesn't have this kind of a possibility.

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The url structure is pretty weak I think but it's because unlike other systems where you'd probably have a tree menu in your product admin that might be something like 

  • Clothes
    •  Menswear
      • Trousers Collection
        • Product Item

which would give you a useful url (/clothes/menswear/trousers/product-name/) you can also use to navigate by simply removing parts of the url, in Shopify everything is just dumped in a single product or collection "level" and you have to accept this is how it works so you'll ultimately end up with less accessible or useful urls like /products/menswear-trousers-product-name/ 

It's just the Shopify way and it took me an age to accept that this was how they manage inventory and products. Pages is even worse. Everything has to live in a "pages" section and so instead of being able to do something like yoursite/helpful-info/clothing-care/ and nest content, it all just lives in /pages/clothing-care unless you set up redirects but nobody should want or need to set up redirects for this.

I still don't really get why it's done like this because it also means you need to have a knowledge of all the products in the single "products" section so if you're wanting to locate a particular product under a category or brand for example, you need to search for it rather than browse a tree. 

I'm not a fan but it's just one of the things you have to be accepting of and work with when setting up your store. 

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It's 2021 and this is still an issue.

@LoveSurf, I agree 100%. @HunkyBill didn't seem to grasp in his responses the importance of memorable/usable URLs. Platform flexibility is a virtue. 

I myself would like to be able to remove the /pages/, /products/. /collections/ directories altogether, or customize them. Demandware/Salesforce Commerce Cloud has had customizable URLs for nearly a decade.

We are exploring using pages as homepages for multi-region sites which have differing assortments. For example, our Nordics assortment is different than our Central Europe assortment. We'd like to use our root as a gateway/country-selector, and then redirect users to the appropriately merchandised "home page". Our href lang tags would be configured to accomodate this also. 

Shopify is great in many, many ways, but there are some leftovers from the days of accommodating primarily SMBs that at this point are warts on the platform and need to get worked into their roadmap.

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Oh! The passion in that statement. I really don't grasp the importance of memorable URLs? Dude, if you memorize memorable URLs for stuff, all the power to you. Just be forewarned, you will never be the hit of the party with those kinds of social skills. If twenty years of web learning has not yet enlightened you to the realities of how it works, there is little hope for re-hab. Memorable URLs. I don't even think a cheesy fromage pop band has tried that as a name... we'll just have to see.

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