Shopify URL Structure - Creating custom URLs

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Okay this seems important but still Shopify doesn't have this kind of a possibility.

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The url structure is pretty weak I think but it's because unlike other systems where you'd probably have a tree menu in your product admin that might be something like 

  • Clothes
    •  Menswear
      • Trousers Collection
        • Product Item

which would give you a useful url (/clothes/menswear/trousers/product-name/) you can also use to navigate by simply removing parts of the url, in Shopify everything is just dumped in a single product or collection "level" and you have to accept this is how it works so you'll ultimately end up with less accessible or useful urls like /products/menswear-trousers-product-name/ 

It's just the Shopify way and it took me an age to accept that this was how they manage inventory and products. Pages is even worse. Everything has to live in a "pages" section and so instead of being able to do something like yoursite/helpful-info/clothing-care/ and nest content, it all just lives in /pages/clothing-care unless you set up redirects but nobody should want or need to set up redirects for this.

I still don't really get why it's done like this because it also means you need to have a knowledge of all the products in the single "products" section so if you're wanting to locate a particular product under a category or brand for example, you need to search for it rather than browse a tree. 

I'm not a fan but it's just one of the things you have to be accepting of and work with when setting up your store.