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In light of Shopify Unite 2020 being canceled. Let's start a discussion on ways we can connect and collaborate. 

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There's a platform called HeySummit which would be perfect for organizing different sessions by different speakers/Shopify Partners.

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Thanks for starting the thread!

I really like the online summit idea, and I think it's what Shopify did for their internal summit. Some of our Shopify friends went to Toronto to watch a live stream recorded elsewhere.

Maybe we can create "hubs" for Partners to gather at and watch together? Our favourite part of Unite is connecting and collaborating, so this could be a lot of fun!
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Great idea. I am in. I attended Amsterdam Pursuit last week and its so amazing to meet all partners in person. A virtual meeting will be also good to connect with each other as Unite got cancelled and all further Pursuits as well.

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Disappointing that the Shopify Unite event will be cancelled. In Sydney, Australia we only just got over the bush-fires before we were on high alert again with the Corono Virus. It all seems surreal.


Remember: we just aren't 142 people that were accidentally CC'ed on an email. Instead we are 142 tech savvy agencies that already wanted to promote the greatness of Shopify (and maybe win a new client pitch or two). 🤣


Love the energy in this chat group for a Virtual Shopify Unite. Let's do this! 🤜


What's the next steps?




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Thank you for starting this thread! It is sad that Shopify Unite 2020 is canceled, but I think there is probably a solution to how to organize it online. I think 2020 is a year when we spent most of the time at home, and need to adjust to this new lifestyle. We spent most of the time at home, and probably soon another lockdown will take place. I finally turned one of the empty bedrooms into the office, before that I couldn’t find time for that. Now, our company works online mostly, because some of our employees got COVID19. We even consider of virtual offices, and work online permanently, for our own safety.