Shopify added "Track your orders with the shop app" to the bottom of my labels

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I don't know if this is part of a new update, but this just started happening.
There is an extra ribbon at the bottom of my labels that tells my customers to track their orders with the shopify app.

I would not like to have this in my labels, it seems intrusive for the customer experience. Is there a way to remove this?

Here is a photo of my label

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My client had the same thing happen and want to remove this. Anyone know how to do that? Shopify 

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I created an account for the express purpose of expressing my need to have this intrusive and undesired text/advertisement removed from the shipping labels. Please immediately remove the text or give us an option to opt out. I currently am using scissors to cut the text off the label. This is time consuming and physically painful due to my arthritis. Pushing your branding onto your paying customers is unacceptable.


Also-- Shopify support has been removed from this website and we no longer can we access the chat feature, email or call support. (I have tried on multiple devices.)


After the horrendous roll out and lack of response on the Live View at the end of last year, I am not surprised that Shopify is once again being extremely shady.  Shopify, please stop giving us reasons to find a new place to take our business. 

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I'd just want to bump this and agree with everything said. It's inappropriate for a paid service to tack on advertising like this.

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I agree.