Shopify and Canada Post EST: Order import in and out

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Our business is trying to switch to Shopify platform recently and currently in progress. As our usual shipping process, we are used to Canada post EST 2.0 (A desktop software). So we are trying to incoporate between Shopify and EST. Importing orders from Shopify to EST works properly now. However, we are having trouble to import fulfilled orders back to Shopify:

EST 2.0 is able to export an xml / excel / csv of orders. but there is no such a feature in Shopify that let us to import back orders information in order to syncronize. and eventually automatically fulfill orders, add tracking number and send notification with tracking number.

I know there is a bulk action for fulfilling orders and sending notification. But how about tracking number. looks like it can only done one by one from the each order page.

Is there any solution to this matter.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Louie,

Alex here, from the Shopify team. 

You're correct that there's currently no feature available for bulk importing back orders into the Shopify Admin, so let's consider an alternative solution here. 

Rather than using the Canada Post EST 2.0 program, you might consider switching to the Canada Post App which integrates directly into you Shopify Admin. The app pulls Canada Post Shipping Rates for your customers to choose, and then you're able to fulfill, purchase and print shipping labels straight from the Shopify Admin. You can check out this guide on how to Buy And Print Shipping Labels.

Keep in mind that while the Canada Post App is free, it does require that Real-Time-Carrier-Calculated Shipping be enabled in your Shopify Admin. If you're not already using RTCCS there are a few different ways you can add it into your account:

  • Add RTCCS to any plan for an additional $20 USD / month
  • RTCCS can be added for free to any annual plan
  • RTCCS is included in the Advanced plan

If you're still getting started with Shopify I recommend adding RTCCS to your current plan and then in a few months when you know you'll be sticking with Shopify for at least another 12 months, that's a good time to switch to Annual and add RTCCS for free (you also save about 10% off your annual invoices by switching to Annual). If you decide to adjust your account in anyway you can reach out to our Support Channels for assistance anytime. 


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I too agree with Alex that it is far better to use Canada post integration with Shopify rather than going with completely an external solution which requires you to import and export the orders. Or else you can use an app from within Shopify. In any case you would need the carrier calculated rates.

You can remain on the Basic Shopify plan and add the live carrier rates feature for as little as $0/month if you switch to yearly billing (this also saves you 10% off your plan, so for a lot of users this is the way to go), or you can add it for $20/month a-la-carte. You can add this feature to your plan by contacting Shopify


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Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me how to import my Shopify Orders into Canada Post EST. I seem to have much better rates than what is offered through Shopify. Thank you!

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Hi Sophie,

I'm in the same spot; the rates on Canada Post are wayyyy better than those offered on Shopify. 

I've integrated by Canada Post account in my shipping profiles, but Shopify shows me the wrong rates; I save $20-$40 by purchasing the labels directly on Canada Post's website. I'm contacted Shopfiy several times for assistance with no solution; they're simply not interested in making the integration fully function.  (ie Canada Post will show me $7.33 for a parcel, Shopfiy shows me $9.26, even though my CP account is integrated on Shopify. Makes no sense)