Shopify and TradeGecko Syn Data errors

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Anyone facing same issue who are using TradeGecko for inventory manangement and Shopify Pos for frontline ? 
We have noted that there is error with the data pushed over from TradeGecko to Shopify.
Shopify initial stock for my 8 locations was at 4 .  After I create a stock take / stock transfer between 2 locations to update a qty of 1 transfer on TradeGecko platform > the result shld be 4 .  But to my horror, Shopify/Tradegecko has updated qty to all my locations on Shopify platform by 2 > resulted in total quantity of 16 .  What has gone wrong?
Tried to contact support chat, but seems not working.  And tried to email support, template form is also not working.  Anyone knows where can I seek help ? Please advise & Thanks