Shopify asks for photo ID - is this legit?

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I received a message from Shopify asking for a photo ID confirmation of my credit card. Is this a legitimate request from Shopify? Some of Shopify's requirements border on identity theft style questions.

Here's the message:


We're glad to have you using Shopify!


Unfortunately we were unable to verify your identity with the information you provided, something we're legally required to do before sending money to your bank account.


In order to confirm your information, please send us an email with a photo of one piece of photo identification matching the name of the credit card on file. You can use your phone to take a picture of it, or you can scan a copy using a desktop scanner if that is easier. Anything such as a passport, driver's license, or government issued photo ID will work. Please reply directly to this email with the requested information.


Your Shopify Payments account will be suspended in 3 days if we do not receive a response to this email. I know it's an inconvenience, so please reach out if you have any questions or concerns and we can work with you rather than having to suspend your account. Once you've completed this process, we'll get you back to business!


In the meantime, your Shopify account will function as normal, and you can simply select another payment gateway if you are not comfortable with this process.

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Shopify, if you're reading this, I personally have huge reservations on your need to connect an account to an actual living person. Requesting a SIN and photo ID may mitigate your risk somehow, but places a huge risk on your actual clients. Not a fan of this process.

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If the bank shopify is sending money from is located in the US they are obligated by the Patriot Act via the Homeland Security Administration to verify this way to prevent payments to terrorist organizations. All US banks and credit card processors are required to do this.

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Yes I am curious about this as well. Can we have some sort of confirmation from a Shopify Employee, please?


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e have the right to know how our identification will be used and with whom will be shared
I will appreciate the following information:
Emphasis added: A Store without sales. W
Why shopify did not request this information opening the store?
I opened the store in shopify around January 2020, all information requested was provided. Including the corporation name and bank details and information. (The bank has all my information)
Since then, spent over 1000 hours minimum in the "store" yet, NO SALES, except a dollar I spent to see if it worked.
All of the sudden , in October, shopify send a request for my personal information, providing them with my drivers license removing the dl number.
Rejected over and over again, even claiming the birth date was wrong! A False claim by shopify.
It is my legal right to Know:
1) Who is requesting this information exactly ?
2) Why now?
3) Why the id sent is been rejected?
4) To whom my id will be "Shared" with, providing name and address:
5) Provide Your name,  and legal address that cannot be PO box for registered mail.
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1)  How my id will be used, 
2) Why was not requested at the opening of my account?
If you claim is regulation change Please provide exactly which one and date to go into effect.
3) What certain " certain threshold" you refer to, when is Cero sales?
4) To whom my id will be shared with exactly, providing name and address?
5) Would my identification or personal information will be sold DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY SHOPIFY or any of shopify partners?
6) The identification provided several times, drivers license, includes my name, address and birthdate, why is been rejected?
(Enough information to be found by any authority) 


With my experience in shopify, several issues are of concern. I get more calls about selling me services than from customers! Concerns me sites by shopify such as ID. ME