Shopify bill fail / credit card not accepted anymore / account blocked

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Since I changed my credit card ( because it was expiring soon ) to pay my monthly subscription bill, my payments keep failing. 
I tried different credit cards ( Mastercard, Visa ... ), nothing seems to work and it's been 4 days that i'm waiting for an answer from the concerned department.

Meanwhile i opened a new store and while i was customizing my theme ( didn't manage to subscribe to a  paid plan here again with 4 different credit cards with my name on them ), the access to my admin page was blocked. I tried to contact Shopify but now they replied that they suspected a fraud ( 15.6 Term of Services violation ) and are blocking permanently my account. 

I am really confused as I didn't even started to sell anything on my second store. As for the first one, I made about 4k revenue in 2 weeks and i've had no chargeback or any bad review for now. 

Can anyone HELP please ??