Shopify censoring merchants

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Hello Shopify,

Recently I was contacted by a vendor I have bought from in the past that they are no longer allowed to sell Confederate flags since it is "against Shopify rules for hate speech" and that they are liquidating them all or face closure of their online store. Really Shopify?!

While I appreciate this company is Canadian and has no doubt zero understanding of the American Civil War, Shopify has NUMEROUS stores online selling BLM items that can certainly be interpreted as racist or calls to violence against authorities. Say what you want about the goals of BLM, but it has no problem inciting violence against people to accomplish them. That is not just unamerican, it's immoral.

I could give a damn about the Confederate flag (I'm an Oklahoman without a dog in that fight) but I sure don't need an online storefront telling me how to think or to hold my hand from the scary spectre of a war fought 150+ years ago. If I can stay out of your treatment of the first nations or whatever you call the native tribes Canada horribly mistreated you can keep your politics out of my country as well.

I bought a ton of flags for sheer spite for my office and garage to show my rebel spirit against this type of rampant consumer nannying and will certainly steer both my own and any business partners away from your company in the future.

Maybe let the consumer decide? Your product seems good, but your activism is definitely unnecessary.

Just my two cents.