Shopify charge us for second shop without any notice - HELP

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Shopify charge us for second shop without any notice for 9 months. With our company's the registration with the platform, Shopify gave us 3 months trial period. When we started with our shop there was another 3 shops comes with the registration, which we never use it. When the third trial month expired we started to pay for our monthly subscription for 1 shop and another 2 shops was disappear. It left only our main shop and another one, which we didn't use it and didn't know that they charge us for this. After 9 months I saw on our bank statement that they charge us twice with similar amount. I contacted with the Shopify Customer Service twice, but they didn't find from where is the second charge. When I notice that the second charge can be from the second shop (which I never created) I contacted again with their CS when I was redirected to Brian (who was very incompetent in what he doing). After hour of chat with him he found that the second charge was from the second shop and he offer me a one month refund for the misunderstanding. I asked a full refund for 9 months, because we even didn't created any other shops with our account. In the process of the chat with Brian this guy was very rude when I try to explain the situation, he didn't believe me about there was 4 shops with the registration and 2 of them disappeared from itself. He sent me a link to check how many shops are related with an email address and this link supports my claims. Then I asked to speak with someone of his managers - he refused: "This is not our policy...". I asked again for a full refund, but this time he refuse and state that there was a login into the second shop in January and that's why they cannot make a full refund, but they will refund us just for one month.

It is our fault that we didn't notice in an earlier stage, but we will continue to ask refund for OUR money paid for nothing.

Any suggestions how to act in future?