Shopify charging Canadian merchants in USD?

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Hi there, I've seen another thread on this but it was closed so I wanted to bring this back up.

As a Canadian merchant it is a little disappointing that we are charged in USD. I understand from the last thread that the USD is the most common currency and Shopify has mostly US investors.. all that is understandable. But, what I don't understand is why Shopify can't be more open and honest with their pricing towards Canadians, putting a little note at the bottom of the pricing page doesn't suffice. Shopify has a talented team and I'm sure they can figure out that when a Canadian from a Canadian IP address is visiting Shopify the prices should auto adjust to reflect CDN dollars. Perhaps the price is $35.99 CAD but atleast it's absolutely clear and customers aren't getting a surprise on their bills. I almost feel that its a little deceptive just to get people signing up. Today I believe I'm ending up paying $42 CAD/mth. That's a little steep for startups in Canada facing a tough economy - hoping Shopify can review it's policies for pricing for Canadians merchants. 

Your a Canadian company, be nice to Canadians! lol 

Btw, this isn't to discount that your paltform isn't great. I like your platform so far.


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Hey there Farhan, 

Wesley here form the Shopify Guru team!

This is a question I have had quite a few times, and every time I get asked it I check with our billing team and see what the current answer is. :)

I checked again for you, and the answer I got back was that the chances are very slim that we would ever charge people in the currency of their country. Shopify is a worldwide company and USD is recognized globally as a standard currency so we made the decision to charge all merchants the same USD price around the world. 


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As a Shopify customer for over 5 years, the issue (and expense) has been our single biggest complaint with Shopify.  From all the threads I could find/read, Shopify has not provided a better explanation than "The $U.S. is a global currency standard".  Frankly, I, and apparently other Shopify customers, find that hard to believe.  Can Shopify provide examples of ANY other global technology-driven company doing this?  Maybe Shopify should hire Uber's billing developers (while they are in a rough patch). If not addressed, this issue has the makings of class-action suit. 

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As a Canadian customer, its annoying but I get that Shopify wants to charge in USD$ (although it coiuld easily charge in all currencies as it give this function to its sellers) however, the lack of transparency is problematic. I recently went to purchase a theme from the Shopfiy site and nowhere was the currency displayed even when I click on a theme and it prompted me to input my credit card details. I had to google which currency Shopify charged in (hence coming onto this forum). 

If you are going to charge in USD$ then please notify Canadian customers, if not at the theme page at least at the payment page. 

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If I am not wrong, "Exchange" rate is playing a big role in deciding the price. For Shopify India website, they were actually showing prices in Indian Rupees for few months. Same was done for Singapore, Indonesia websites as well. But they moved to the USD pricing all over the world. There is hardly any issue in a standardize pricing all over the world. :)

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I agree, its bullshit that we are getting charged in USD. I just said to my accountant a couple days ago that im surprised no one has taken them to court. 

I do love shopify but this seems like a bogus excuse to make an extra $ on other countrys exchange rates. The worst part is they're a CANADIAN company!

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JUST found this out and I am so upset. I work for a SAAS company in Toronto and we charge USD worldwide except for our Canadian Customers. Our Canadian customers always pay in CAD plus HST. 

I am just in shock that all my costs just went up by 25% PLUS 13%  HST utter BS.... how do they expect owners to absorb a 40% increase in fees??!!!!!! 

21 0 23 (US) pays us in CAD...  I'm pretty sure most of their customers are US-based, but doesn't stop them

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Call or email your MP.

CC your MPP and local Mayor. Make sure they know Shopify is a Canadian company with Canadian employees located in Ottawa. Mine thought they were located in the US as they're a worldwide company. I noted the above counter-arguments as to why Shopify shouldn't be charging Canadians in USD. Also:

Now that municipal, provincial, and Canadian governments are partnering with Shopify through Digital Main Street and ShopHERE programs, it's no longer OK for a Canadian company to charge Canadian small businesses and artists in USD (as if it ever was OK). And especially in the middle of a pandemic. Our political representatives should be demanding that Shopify charge Canadians who've signed up for these programs in CAD as a condition for contract. Having a moving target for a monthly bill puts us at a disadvantage to Americans in a global marketplace. MPs, MPPs, Mayors, and Councillors shouldn't be cooperating with this disadvantaging.

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Ya parts of that are bogus, specially when we are purchasing Canada Post Labels, Shopify is charging us IN USD and making the conversion to CND.

Accounting is a mess.  How can a Ottawa based company get away with this?  If Shopify is selling a CANADIAN good for a CANADIAN store it should charge in CND dollars...