Shopify disabled my Shopify payment without a warning

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Received an email from the Shopify Risk Operations team and saying "your business has been identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes that we will be unable to support with Shopify Payments."  and Shopify disabled my Shopify payment immediately without a warning (P.S. my shop opened few days ago and no sales yet) 

I have no clue what I have done at all so I emailed back instantly and obviously no reply at all so I contacted the live chat support but no luck, they couldn't help. 

Is this how Shopify treats their customers? Disable the function without a warning? No clear reason on why this is disabled? 

The whole thing is just like a doctor telling you that you are ill, but not telling you the diagnosis, you will never know what kind of disease you have and this is ridiculous.

What I am asking for is a simple answer from them why they disabled the function and see if any possible improvements but unfortunately seems no one cares. 

I am really upset at this because this is my first time with Shopify, I spent over a week to set up everything in my shop and even purchased an annual plan but end up like this. 

Anyone knows what should I do with this?

Thank you.