Shopify does not offer a functioning shipping system! Please Help With an Actual Solution!

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To start with I want to make it clear that I have really enjoyed building on the Shopify platform. I recently switched over from Wordpress and Woocommerce as it was more complicated and less stable. I knew from the start that I will be paying a premium to use a service like Shopify, but it is not a problem if it saves me time and multiple headaches. I decided to bite the bullet starting we purchasing a $180 theme and then signed up for a $29 month plan which allowed me to start building my store.


Now that I am done and have started to put the final touches in, I tried to apply shipping classes to certain products, as our clothing items can not fit inside letter mail whereas a keychain can. When I realized that you are required to purchase an app (which is separate from Shopify) to assign specific product shipping which cost an additional $20 a month I was quite upset.


This is a very simple and standard feature that Woocomerce along with every other Ecommerce platform offers for free and in order to get this for Shopify it nearly doubles my monthly bill.  I emailed customer support and they said the reason was it is very complicated to add into the system (which I am sure it is to a point), but if 3+ independent apps can figure out how to do it I feel that Shopify is purposely ripping us off!

What makes all of this even worse is they mention that there are cheaper options available, but still recommend the $20 a month app as it is the best. Now to be clear, the issue isn't just an additional $20, the issue is you have to pay another $20 just for a basic feature that should be standard. Now let's say I have paid $180 for the theme and $49 a month for the plan with the app. Then I realize that in order to edit an order, which should also be a pretty standard option, you need to buy another $20 a month app.


All of a sudden my affordable $29 plan has turned into a $69 plan just to have a platform with the most basic features that come standard across the board. This is absolutely unacceptable and to me seems like it is intentionally done to nickel and dime all of their customers.


There is no reason that I should have to buy an app for the ability to offer shipping rules for a given product or edit a simple order.

I have looked back and read comments about this exacted issue that were posted years ago and they have done nothing to fix this problem, and instead suggesting the customers sign up for the annual plan so they can use the saved money to pay for the additional app. This is infuriating and I really hope Shopify does something to rectify this real quick as I would like to continue using their platform.


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I have to agree. I believe most Shopify members would also agree with you.

A startup business needs to keep costs down. An established business can easily pay for the extra apps. I am just beginning to incorporate shipping into my Shopify store now. Its bad enough that the shipping rates are so high.

I remember when comparing the eCommerce platforms it was mentioned on Goggle that you need to pay extra for many basic apps on Shopify where many of their competitors include them. If they even made an app and sold it for $5 a month that would be better than $20 for 3rd party apps.

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