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Hello i have got such a horrible experiance with the experts.. The poore communication is just unacceptable..

A simple work, with facebook pixel setup , so i could manage my facebook store thrue pixels, add remove and manage collection and add a simple code so the facebook store choose right curency based on location was taked out to different dimention...... Worst of all the bad communication, Awaiting for the "experts" reply tok me 3 days .... Ive learned and configuret the pixels at last by my self. It taked 4 hours to search for information on the internet and learn it, and about 2 hours to confure it thys way i liket it. I didnt learn programmin but simply found the code example and just did what it was saying. Now my FB store sells in multiple currency based on geolocation and picking right currency from my shopify.

I lost 3 days just to explain what i want, then a half day to do it by my self, and im totally noob, never touched a programming code. 

I just felt i must share thys becouse it wa my worst experiance ever trying to pass work to others...

Reconsider if its worth awaiting for the responces and loose you time and money, maybe it will be faster if you just try to do it you self.

P.S sorry for the bad english.