Shopify for Delivery Restaurants?

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Hi all!

I run a portfolio of delivery and takeout restaurants, and we're considering moving all of our websites to shopify. We're currently using Squarespace + Chownow to take online orders. I was recommended shopify as a possible solution, but can't find many examples of restaurants doing online ordering for local pickup and delivery using Shopify.

So my questions are:

1. Does anyone have good examples of successful restaurant sites using Shopify for online ordering?

2. For those that run Shopify for restaurants, what are the pros and cons of switching from something like Chownow?




Hi kitchen!

It's certainly possible with Shopify, as Shopify offers both local pickup and delivery. We did some consulting for a vitamin shop chain that leveraged both these features fairly successfully — that being said they weren't managing a restaurant.

Shopify may not be the best option schematically for a restaurant that offers pickup and delivery. The Fractured Prune -> uses Shopify for it's Point of Sale and it works well for them. They do NOT offer online ordering though. 

Happy to discuss further if you're interested, but I'm fairly certain there are better alternatives in this particular situation. 

Thank you,

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Hello Kitchen,

I am Tarek, an app developer.


Is this still an issue for you?



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I have seen ROLO.  Not sure if this is a good fit for everyone due to the transaction percentage they want.

I think that a solid app for small operations would be popular.