Shopify free trial spams

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TL;DR: Shopify team, please request email verification BEFORE publishing any shops, especially during free trials.

So I'm not a shopify user, but I received a bunch of shopify order information in one of my email addresses -- someone is using my email to open a shop. All the orders are payed "Cash on Delivery (COD)".

I did a little experiment with a dummy email address, and it turns out that people can publish a shop, upload data to it, and even make transactions without logging in the email, if the email is new to shopify that has 14-day free trial on it. This is a really good target for spammers for free rides of shopify service: they get emails from others, start free trial, sell with COD, and the shops will get automatically closed.

This worries me because illegal transactions may be traced to the owner of the email address, who is completely innocent. The bottom line is, free trials of potential users can be stolen by spammers.

Please consider fixing this issue. Thanks.