Shopify going down hill?

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Is it just me or has Shopify support and overall experience gone down hill DRAMATICALLY in the past 6-12 months? 


I have been with Shopify since January of 2015 as they were just beginning their public ownership route trading at close to $30 a share. After doing $1.2 million in sales over the past 3-4 years, I was allowed the "opportunity" to receive Shopify Capital future receivables advance based off my revenue. The first advance I paid back in 6 months, 2nd advance I paid back in half the amount of time. In the mean time, yes I did miss a couple of auto debit payments in but still managed to pay them despite losing tens of thousands in revenue due to our distributors being forced to shut down due to covid. Now my store is ineligible for Shopify Capital and they can't even give me a straight answer as to why. Everyone is just working from home now strong arming peoples' livelihoods and proceed to tell you "they're not arguing and you're not listening to them" LOL


Every time I reach out to customer support, they literally make stuff up as they go. I had to update my form of payment due to my business DEBIT card being expired so I had to update with my new card and for whatever reason it was being rejected. After Shopify suspended my account preventing my company from operating for a solid day and a half, their support team gave me 4 different answers as to why I can't pay with a debit card yet I have paid with the same card longer than most employees have even worked here.


It's sad to have built my whole internet platform on yet another company who builds their clientele off a good product and solid support and a platform just to give in to shareholder profits and gains, basically like every other tech company built off a customer base they'll eventually end up **bleep** over.


Shopify has not helped my company during a global pandemic what so ever. I have not received any federal assistance and for Shopify to all of a sudden be in the money business and not want to sell me money, **bleep** them. Their CEO is sitting fat while doing jack shit except making it harder for actual e-commerce companies to operate.


At this point, Shopify has become like every other publicly traded company. Focused on profits and shareholder gains. Sad but typical greed.