Shopify has NO Customer Service anymore

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Shopify requires to switch the old POS to ALL NEW POS before Nov 1, 2020. But I tried a whole day yesterday. Tried to get help from Shopify. Their has no customer service anymore. It is just dead loop by asking you to find a topic and ask you if you are answered. No matter answered or not, it leads you back to "Help" home page.  Phone and email service not available anymore. No service person available. Even no robot available. Not sure what Shopify is doing now. By the way, I am a 4 year shopify user. I am desperately disappointed. Not know where to get help. No know what I can do.

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This is the new normal for Shopify now that their stock has exploded.  They could care less about their current users, and only focusing on charging for a POS that does  absolutely nothing to address the ongoing issues we’ve had for years. No changes,  just more key strokes and hassle...AND you get to pay more for it.  As far as customer service...aka other users that know less than I do in 99 percent of the issues I ask them about. Not once have they spent more than a couple minutes before escalating...which means in absoluteLy nothing gets fixed.