Shopify has ZERO customer support and ever-increasing list of problems.

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To whom it may concern:

After 5 years with wix they got rid of their phone support so I switched to Shopify. They were "well known" for their excellent customer support which is why it's the most expensive platform out there! Because you get 24/7 support. I decided it was worth it to pay tons more money if I could call the phone number and talk to a live person who could help me.

In 2020 that support has disappeared. They say that phone-in help is available if the line isn't too long, but I tried for weeks to get support and a phone call was never an option.

Many times when I click on an order it says the page doesn't exist. Or logging into the website in general I get the error that Shopify is having technical difficulties and try to log in later. If I wait for 3 hours for someone to answer me on the chat, all they tell me to do is to clear my cookies and try different browsers, which never works. So I waste hours of my time, and nothing gets resolved.

I received an order that Shopify flagged as suspicious, but whenever I clicked on the order it said the page didn't exist, and I wasn't able to cancel the order from the orders list page because that's not an option. Then the person with the fraudulent card placed four more orders. After days of trying to get ahold of Shopify support and begging for a phone call or any sort of help, I was finally able to cancel the orders, but was charged $15 for each order because that's the chargeback fee. That's apparently all my fault and on me and has nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't get ahold of Shopify to figure out how to stop these orders from coming in. After two weeks I finally figured it out, but that's too late.

The site crashes and doesn't work, the support staff is never available. The first person I talk to for half an hour doesn't speak proper English and doesn't understand my questions and cannot answer them, then they transfer me to someone else and it takes two hours to get any help.

I'm writing this as a warning to anyone who might be considering using Shopify, don't! If you're going to get zero support, don't pay a premium with Shopify.

If the high up Shopify people are reading this: you keep using the excuse of the pandemic and the influx of new customers you have received which are so many that you are not able to give proper support. This is not an excuse. If you cannot give proper support to your customers because there are too many, you don't continue to sign on new customers. You wait until you can give proper support to your current customers before making it even more impossible to get customers. This is obviously if you want to have a successful business. My suspicion is that you're trying to get the stocks to go up as much as possible with all these new customers to artificially inflate the value of the company and then you will quick sell it for a ton of money, and the new owner will receive it right as it collapses and goes bankrupt. If this is your plan, good on you, I think it's working great. If you want Shopify to be a long-term successful company, it is not a great plan. Everyone came to you because there was good customer support, and everyone will leave because that no longer exists.