Shopify has grown too large

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I’ve been watching Shopify since it started. It has now grow beyond its ability to control its content and the hackers have noticed.

They now commonly steal web sites and redirects to their scam site to collect the money delay past 30 days the mess up the credit card company’s then deliver nothing .

This is just ONE GUY:

Komatsu PC-01 at 179 USD look very much similar to multiple scam sites such as Psoyvj.MyShopify, Oplkfsd.MyShopify, ELEPHANTSTOCK, FANCY LIFE, Vfdbfs.MyShopify, FORSAGIR, Forsagire.MyShopify, Ekolis.MyShopify, CHERRIRHEDS, Quennel.MyShopify, Jgdfvfregvvf.MyShopify, Bssznl.MyShopify, POETIC LIFE, Ksdso.MyShopify, ROYAL FURNITURE, WARM HOME, Dimonra.MyShopify, Romakas.MyShopify, Janailwlon.MyShopify, PRETTY, SheepOnawardStore, FreedomSpace, Ertyuii.MyShopify, Itsnamee, Xdhbf.MyShopify, Bemecit.MyShopify, Ffdfafa.MyShopify,

No longer a reliable store front as THEY can’t even control the volume of hacked sites.

Reported scammers stay up