Shopify has just deleted my store after 150+ successful orders

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Hey guys,


So I've been selling on shopify for the past month and have sold over 150 orders. I paid good amount of money for all of my graphics, marketing, etc.. Everything was going so smooth and good. I am selling virtual products that are instantly delivered to their email box. 


We've had no complaints, only good things about our company. This morning I went to login to my shopify account because I didn't see any orders come in over night, I thought maybe just a slow day no biggy.


I try to go to my site and I get the 404 error, I'm thinking okay weird just gonna login and fix maybe a forwarding domain problem or something. I went and tried to login and my store is completely gone, they literally removed my store from my own account. 


After 3+ hours talking to a bunch of chinese robots in the livechat, of course nobody could help me. They keep asking me "Are you sure you gave me the right link, I'm not seeing the store on your account". 


Then finally after 4 hours of wasting my time they said "Thank you for recently reaching out to our Support Team. This message is to confirm that your issue has been successfully escalated to Shopify's Risk Operations Team.

All escalations are reviewed and an Analyst will reach out to you in the next 48-72 hours".


The crazy thing is, they didn't send me not ONE email explaining why my store is just magically gone, NOT ONE!


All my hard work and they can just steal it all in one push of a button & give the WORST support ever (24/7 support is a straight out lie, your talking to a bunch of robots who have no idea whats going on AT ALL). 


So now, my store will be offline all weekend and most of next week because the "risk operations team" (whatever that means) doesn't even work on weekends. So hopefully by the end of next week my store may be back???


STILL TO THIS MINUTE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY STORE, JUST GONE OUT OF THIN AIR! I'm so beyond pissed off at this point its crazy. I've seen a few other people who they did the same exact thing too. Not sure if its even legal to just delete everything you've worked for and not even tell you why. Going to look into this further because this is just unacceptable and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

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same thing here, they have disabled my store... i am not sure whos running the support team but its super frustrating